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President Trumps Boat Parade San Diego Bay

#MAGA by joining the San Diego Bay Boat Parade to support our President Donald J.Trump for his 2020 re-election! NO REGISTRATION NEEDED ALL ARE WELCOME! Jump in a boat, Fly your Trump and American flags, and set sail as we cruise the bay and coast together. Stand united and sail united, with us, as part of the #trumptilla. We will meet near the point loma bait barge located at west end of bay at 11:30am. If you dont want to jump on a boat fly your flags on harbor island bay side. sit back and enjoy the parade! also to keep our event safe and lawful, please obey local Laws, CDC recommendations, and City of San Diego guidelines. last thing we want is our beautiful an peaceful event to be shut down! 

VhF channel: 6

This is a permitted event, any negative boaters that want to cause harm to the parade please use channel 21 to have them removed.

Flagship SD will have passenger vessels available for the parade as well.

Flagship SD: (619) 234-4111

For more information: 


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