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Stealth Bomber (Deposit)

$ 300.00

Nitro Gun Co Stealth Bomber Series (Deposit)

$300.00 deposit required to start building process. 

Final Payment due before shipping -$300 deposit.

4-6 Week building process.

Stealth Bomber 60" $1,400.00

Stealth Bomber 63" $1,450.00

Stealth Bomber 65" $1,500.00

Stealth Bomber 68" $1,550.00

Stealth Bomber 70" $1,600.00

Stealth Bomber 72" $1,650.00


Reassessed handle and a single band slot.  Perfectly ballasted with minimal recoil. All Bomber series guns are 4 ply mahogany laminated. Full epoxy finish. Over 30' to 36' effective killing range. 11/32" Addiction Shaft 5 fin. Five 9/16" bands. Elite Handle or AR and Tuna Mech by Neptonics.


Available options:

Custom Resin Art starting at $50.00

Custom Airbrush starting at $100.00

Additional Addiction shaft starting at $100.00

Slip Tip starting at $65.00

Carbon Fiber wrapped butt stock $125.00

Custom Inlay starting at $50.00




Additional costs may apply. Contact Nick before ordering at

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